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Kuching, the state capital of Sarawak, is arguably one of the most attractive cities in Southeast Asia. Situated at the East part of the country, this city is part of Borneo island. It has a colonial charm which is reflected by its stunning architectures and an attractive waterfront which is surreal and beautiful at the same time. It is one of the sophisticated city of Borneo where there is a long list of things to do around which includes exploring the jungle and sea alongside the national parks which are situated at the vicinity of Kuching.

Enjoy Sarawakian food

Forget Penang and Ipoh, Kuching can be considered a food capital of Malaysia. With a selection of local delicacies including bamboo chicken, Kolo mee and the famous Sarawak Layer Cake, the chance to taste some of the flavours is among tourists’ top reasons to visit Kuching.

Touring the Sarawak River

Another one of the top reasons to visit Kuching: the chance to join a sunset cruise on the Sarawak River. The 90-minute trip takes passengers along the river to watch the sunset over the 19th-century Astana and Fort Margherita. Either sit on the sky deck with a drink and enjoy the views or speak to the guides as they point out the mansions and landmarks lining both sides.

Kuching is the perfect base for exploring Sarawak

There are number of excellent national parks and wildlife reserves all located within a short drive from the city so there is a wide variety of day tours on offer.

These include Bako National Park, home of the rare and endemic Proboscis monkey; Gunung Gading National Park, where Rafflesia flowers bloom; the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre with its semi-wild orang utans; the Kuching Wetlands National Park with its mangrove attractions and diverse range of wildlife; Kubah National Park with its ferns and frogs; and Tanjung Datu National Park where the rainforest meets the South China Sea.

No matter where you go, you just can’t escape the draw of local delicacies. When in Kuching you’d be remised if you don’t try their famous ‘Laksa Sarawak’. Unlike regular laksa, the Sarawak version uses a base made of sambal belacan, sour tamarind, garlic, galangal, and lemongrass. The flavor is rich and a little spicy, but the dish is no less tasty! Teresa’s Laksa stall (Muslim Friendly) is famous for serving delicious, halal ‘Laksa Sarawak’ and it’s located just behind Tune Hotel!

The large and vibrant capital of Eastern Sarawak in Malaysian Borneo, Kuching, is affectionately coined “Cat City” by locals and visitors due to its similarity with the Malay word for cat. It is practically situated within arm’s reach of a number of top nature destinations; this makes Kuching an excellent hub for some culture, good eating, and relaxation either before or after a trekking or diving adventure.

Visit The Beaches

There are a number of beaches within the Bako National Park, make sure you take in the fresh air at the shore. With forests surrounding you, you will feel quite refreshed by the beaches! Not all the beaches are safe for swimming though, so make sure you ask before you hop in for a swim.

Kuching combines history and culture as well as colonial architecture with contemporary designs in a relatively small, chilled out city. Let's travel here to explore these attractive destinations.