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Pinang Island, or better known as Penang, is a state of Malaysia with the name derived from the areca nut palm trees. The region is recorded as a state with abundant natural resources and considerable zone of the forest environment. Alongside this beauty, many tourist attractions in Penang are also the mainstay of Malaysia.  Considered initially as an ordinary island, Penang began to clean up and keep up with the times. As the most popular city in Penang, Georgetown was designated as a World Heritage City by UNESCO in 2008. Here, you’ll find many historic buildings with attractive architectural styles. Penang has increasingly become more recognized thanks to technological advances and the rapid industry in Malaysia. Supported by public facilities, complete transportation, delicious cuisine, and the friendliness of residents, you must consider Penang to be your destination during your holidays.

Penang has some interesting places you can visit during your vacation. Here’s the list

1. Penang 3D Trick Art Museum

Penang 3D Trick Art Museum allows you to take pictures in many awesome Instagrammable spots. Here, you can also learn about the lives of locals through the exhibition All about Penang Life and Modern Classic.

2. Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm

Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm is the largest butterfly and dragonfly park in Malaysia. Here, you can find tens of thousands of beautiful butterflies in various colors and types. Besides butterflies and dragonflies, there are two hundred types of plants, ponds, caves, waterfalls, and artistic parks.

3. The Habitat Penang Hill

If you’re looking for a quiet place with a beautiful atmosphere, then the Habitat Penang Hill can be the right place. Here, you can relax for a while from the city crowd while enjoying the beauty of natural surroundings from up top.

4. Dark Mansion Museum

A vacation in Penang is incomplete if you haven’t visited the Dark Mansion Museum. This place shows 2D paintings that’ll turn to 3D with the help of the glow-in-the-dark effect, taking you to a whole new dimension. Five thematic spots will be suitable as cool background photos.

5. Wonderfood Museum

As the name implies, the Wonderfood Museum offers a variety of Penang food miniatures that each is equipped with information about its history and origins. Wonderfood Museum is very crowded during long holidays, dominated by children and students along with adult visitors.

How to get there:

Penang Island is probably one of the easiest tourist destinations to reach in Malaysia. You can use every form of transport imaginable; plane, train, bus, car, and even a taxi (though this doesn't make sense compared to the other options due to the high price). From Kuala Lumpur, it generally takes around 5/6 hours to get to Penang, no matter which forms of transport you use. Most tourists travel to Penang by air. There are many daily flights from numerous airports within and outside of Malaysia to Penang International Airport. Prices are often very cheap, mainly because of the competition due to alternative ways to travel to the island.