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One of the two districts in Sarawak, Bintulu is the main industrial center in the area and is famous among tourists due to serene nature. Apart from the top places, there are several things to do in Bintulu Malaysia that you will find interesting. The district is a blend of beaches, coastal regions, and national parks that give a peek into the wildlife of Malaysia. So, if you have been planning a vacation to Malaysia then take a look at these activities that you can indulge in.

Sightseeing in Similajau National Park

The natural landscape has several great hiking trails and treks to follow and explore nature when you visit Bintulu. The SNP Park Office. The park office is a nice and neat place. There's a cafeteria (it's open on a weekday) and a proper toilet. The park entrance fee is RM20/pax for foreigners - Malaysians pay RM10/pax. You need to register at the office. There are some exhibits and information boards around. There's accommodation too if you feel like staying a day or two.Signages. SNP is a park that you can't get lost unless you stray from the main trails. There are clear signages all along the trails, colour-coded ... well, at least till View Point and so I assume it's the same for the rest of the way till Golden Beach. There are board walks at some parts - rather slippery when wet. Attire and tips. Long-sleeves, long pants for protection against mosquitoes and don't forget your repellant.

Watching the sunset and relaxing on the Tanjung Batu beach

The Tanjung Batu beach is among the top places to visit in Bintulu. Beautiful view of the South China Sea and great to catch the sunset. There is a well-maintained jogging track along the coast and there is ample parking here as well. You only need to take a car about 15 minutes from Bintulu town center to the beach. Most people will have a picnic, swim in the beach, or simply go jogging around 4-6 pm. On weekends, this is a crowded place for family gatherings.

So, make sure you spend some time at the Tanjung Batu Beach with your loved one and enjoy the changing hues of the sky during the sunset.

Tanjung Batu beach is famous for the street food stalls of the locals as they have some mouthwatering food at a cheap price. While enjoying the sunset view, one can grab some food and settle down for dinner there. Some must-try dishes are Satay, Pisang Goreng, Es Campur and noodles.

Cultural experience at Uma Belor Leo Dian Longhouses

These longhouses are a traditional living spaces of the indigenous people. You can also get many handicraft items at these Longhouses and even great traditional dishes. You can also get the same handicraft items and local produce at the local markets in the capital town.

Above is a list of 3 must-do attractions in Bintulu Malaysia that you cannot forget. They will bring you a little closer to the nature and wildlife of the country.